What is Involved in Vegetation Clearance Manchester?

Vegetation Clearance Manchester

At Bark and Branch, we are not only specialists in tree surgery but also vegetation clearance Manchester as well. But what does this involve? Well, vegetation clearance is similar to tree surgery in that it is concerned with planting and maintaining vegetation, as well as clearance and removal of the dead of overgrown items as well. From a commercial point of view, we cover everything from maintaining hotel grounds to full site clearances for a new building development. However, we also take on smaller jobs on a domestic level, such as looking after hedges. Hedge trimming can have quite an impact on overall garden health for the following reasons:


Improves the look

If you don’t have your hedge regularly trimmed it can quickly get out of hand and take over your whole garden. This can look really messy, and affect your feelings about your garden, and also devalue your home as well. Keeping on top of it keeps everyone happy.


Increases Value of your Home

If you are looking to sell you want to present your property in the best light, and so making sure your front and rear garden are looking their best should be pretty high on your list of priorities. First impressions count after all, and so you don’t want people to be put off by an overgrown hedge or tree. Getting a company in who specialise in tree surgery manchester is the best bet to give potential buyers the best view of your house possible.


Increases Your Privacy Levels

Although you may think that an overgrown hedge will protect your privacy more than a well-kept one you’d be wrong. Regularly trimming your hedge will ensure it grows together rather than up, and so will make it denser meaning it is more difficult for people to look through.


Promotes Healthy Plants

Trimming your hedge regularly actually keeps it healthier than letting it grow wild. It may sound crazy, but regular trimming encourages the hedge to keep growing, and also encourages it to be thick and strong. Think of your hedge like your hair and get it trimmed every six weeks or so and you will soon see a huge difference.

Vegetation clearance is just one of the many services we offer at Bark & Branch, other include removal of Japanese knotweed manchester as well. To find out more information on any of our services, please call us today on 0800 050 2131 or 07958 495031. You can also send us an email to info@barkandbranch.co.uk if you prefer.