Why Fall is Not the Time for Tree Pruning in Manchester

The cool months of fall and winter aren’t far away, is your landscape ready? One important area most focus on is tree pruning in Manchester. Whether you’re getting ready for site clearance in Manchester or are in desperate need of Japanese knotweed removal in Manchester, fall is an important time for your property.

But did you know that fall is not the time for tree pruning in Manchester? Did you know it can be harmful to your trees to prune?

Tree Pruning in Manchester

Do Not Prune Your Trees in Fall

Why not? Because decaying fungi can spread quickly if spores are left to move into the wounds of freshly cut trees. To avoid this, leave your pruning tools in your tool box, and instead wait to prune your trees until any other time of year.

On top of fungi growth, trees are hunkering down in their roots preparing themselves for cold weather during the fall. They aren’t trying to grow. Pruning your trees causes scars and wounds they have to heal. That energy is better used to prepare for the cold winter season. You thus sabotage your trees, instead of helping them.


What Type of Tree Pruning is Acceptable?

While most tree pruning in Manchester during the fall will only hurt your plants, some types of pruning are acceptable throughout the year. For example, if your tree has come under attack from Japanese knotweed, then Japanese knotweed removal is acceptable.

Light pruning and the removal of dead wood can also be healthy for your trees. Be sure not to cut the tree in any way. This only stimulates the tree for growth and prevents it from taking the necessary steps to prepare for winter.


Have us Prune Your Trees!

Our team of expert tree surgeons can take care of your tree pruning for you so you never have to worry about miss pruning your tree. Protect your property with the help of professionals, when you choose us.