Top Reasons To Remove A Dead Tree

We’ve already taken a look at the main reasons you may choose to remove a tree from your property. However, dead trees pose a whole different set of circumstances. It doesn’t matter what caused the tree to die – lack of water, insufficient supply of nutrients in the soil or not enough sun – what does matter is that you should seriously consider having that tree professionally removed. Here are the top reasons to contact us at Bark and Branch to remove that dead tree.

Dead Trees Are Not Very Pretty

It’s true. If you have a great deal of pride in the visual appeal of your home and yard, dead trees will not enhance that look. The money you are spending on the perfectly manicured and landscaped piece of land you own are just hiding those ugly, dead trees. By removing them, the curb appeal of your yard increases.

Dead Trees Become Homes For Pests

Sure, you may not see any practical way to use that dead or dying tree but critters will. You may be lucky enough to have a beautiful bird build a nest and raise a family there. However, the reality is that a dead tree is more likely to attract rats, termites, ants and other nasty pests that will be harder to get rid of than the dead tree.

Dead Trees Spread Disease

If the tree that is either dead or dying got into this condition thanks to one of several different tree diseases, chances are that it is contagious. This means that other trees and plants in your yard and neighbouring yards may also contract the disease. You don’t want to be responsible for such an epidemic, so get that tree outta there!

Dead Trees Lose Branches

It may not happen right away, but on a windy day or during a storm of some kind, branches from a dead tree are going to come crashing down to the ground. When these come off of a large tree, the branches can cause property damage and you would not want something in your neighbour’s yard to get smashed by one of these dead branches.

Dead Trees Fall Over

Think about it for a moment. A standing dead tree has a weak root system. This means that it does not have very reliable support underneath it. In a windstorm dead trees can be uprooted and when they hit the ground, they make a mess. The mess is even worse if the tree lands on a parked vehicle or structure.

Have A Dead Tree In Your Yard? Call Bark And Branch

We know how to remedy this situation and although we are based in Manchester, Bark and Branch services the entire region. Don’t wait for that dead tree to start leaning to one side or throw branches at you as you walk under it, call us today at 0800 050 2131. Let Bark and Branch remove that dead tree from you so it doesn’t get a chance to become a hazard to anyone!