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Providing tree removal and tree felling services throughout Manchester, East Cheshire, and Derbyshire’s High Peak.

Tree surgeon felling a tree with ash dieback

Tree removal & tree felling in Manchester

Tree felling is the process of cutting down a tree. It can be a complicated and risky process but, by following the correct safety procedures, our Manchester tree surgeons can ensure that it is carried out securely and efficiently, no matter the size or quantity.

After assessing the tree(s) and the surrounding area, our arborists will use specialist techniques and equipment to cut and carefully lower branches and logs to the ground. As well as safely felling the tree, we are able remove the stump and root to completely clear your property.

Unless you request otherwise, we will remove all the waste from the felled tree(s). This will be taken away and recycled in the form of compost or biomass (power/electricity generation). If you wish, we can also recycle the smaller branches into wood chip/mulch for use around your property.

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Emergency Tree Removal

If dangerous tree removal is required as a matter of urgency to protect public safety and property, Bark & Branch can offer a swift emergency call out service to deal with trees that have become uprooted or damaged during winds and require felling or remedial work.

We work quickly and with minimum disruption, coordinating with local authorities and emergency services, as needed.

Tree surgeon felling a tree with ash dieback

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