Tree Stump Removal

Providing tree stump removal services throughout Manchester, East Cheshire, and Derbyshire’s High Peak.

Grinding a tree stump

Professional tree stump removal in Manchester

If you have a tree stump that is taking up valuable space on your property or causing a hazard, then tree stump grinding and removal is likely the best solution.

Rotting stumps can also host a number of fungi, and removing the stump can help to stop the spread to nearby trees. If your tree has been removed due to infection or fungus, stump removal is recommended.

Our Manchester tree surgeons are experienced in carrying out precision removal of tree stumps safely and efficiently, ready for you to replant or use the space for another purpose.

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Our Stump Grinders

Our stump grinders can work in small areas and fit through narrow gates, meaning that they are appropriate for use on most domestic and commercial sites.

Plus, grinding out a tree stump is economical, with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Grinding a tree stump

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