Tree Pruning & Reduction

Providing tree pruning and reduction services throughout Manchester, East Cheshire, and Derbyshire’s High Peak.

After tree surgery to reduce a birch, holly and cherry tree

Tree pruning & reduction in Manchester

Regular pruning and crown thinning are essential for maintaining the health of your trees, preventing problems and safety issues, and keeping your landscape looking at its best.

Our Manchester tree surgeons have the training and experience necessary to properly care for your trees, make them work within your landscape, and spot potential problems before they become serious.

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Tree Pruning & Reduction Services

Learn more about how we can help you with your tree care, through our range of professional tree pruning and reduction services.

Crown Lifting

The raising of a trees crown (the main area of foliage and branch mass), by removing the lower branches, is applied in many different situations. In most cases, it is to create space below the tree to gain pedestrian or vehicle access.

Another reason for crown lifting is to allow light to pass through, either on to the ground or into a nearby building. A crown lift can also be used for visual reasons, to improve a view or the tree’s appearance.

Crown lift on a row of trees by a roadside

Crown Reduction / Thinning

The lowering of a trees crown, by removing the upper branches, is used to control the height of a tree where, if left, the tree would come into contact with power lines or block sunlight from solar panels. Lowering of the crown may also be used to improve the appearance of a tree.

Crown thinning is the process removing living branches from within the crown, were possible, maintaining the shape of the tree.

Two reduced trees in Mew Mills


Pollarding is a method of tree management where the branches are cut back to a selected point, with all the foliage removed. The regrowth is then removed on a regular basis (usually between three and five years). This can create dense, fast growing foliage.

Please note that pollarding is not suitable for all types of tree. We will be able to advise further on this once we visit your site.

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