What’s included with Site Clearance Services?

Nothing is worse than land that’s been overtaken by nature. If you have recently purchased a piece of property that’s overrun by vegetation, our site clearance services can help. Not sure what our services entail? At Bark and Branch, we passionately pursue the best tree clearance and vegetation clearance services in the UK. We are … Continued

Ragwort and Horsetail Control Advice

The UK is not immune to poisonous and harmful plants. Two of the most common found on pasture and grazing land is ragwort and horsetail. Let’s take a look at how to keep horsetail and ragwort in control and how site clearance can be a powerful tool in removing both.   How to Keep Ragwort … Continued

How to Identify Common Weeds?

At Bark and Branch, we are passionate about providing weed control. It’s one of our most favorite services to provide. However, we are frequently asked by our clients how to identify two of the most common weeds: Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed. Both these plants are difficult to control and can wreak havoc on your … Continued