Why You Need Site Clearance Services

When our customers find out that we offer site clearance services they can find it a bit daunting. For many people, it can sound like a really radical solution to whatever their gardening issue is, while other people just plain old don’t understand what it means. So, to help clear up any confusion you may have … Continued

Horsetail Control: What it takes

In our last blog we talked about the removal of Japanese Knotweed, which can be a bit of a devil, and so can this weed – Horsetail. Horsetail Control is notoriously difficult as it will grow in practically any type of soil – whether the soil be clay, sand or loam. It does, however, tend … Continued

Japanese Knotweed Control: A Guide

One of the most hated weeds in the UK is Japanese Knotweed as it can be a real problem. This is why Bark and Branch offer a Japanese knotweed control service – in order to help house-holders prevent it from causing damage to their gardens, paths and even their home! What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese … Continued