Can I Sell My House if Japanese Knotweed is growing in My Garden?

Does your house need vegetation clearance in Manchester? Or maybe your property is infested with Japanese knotweed in Manchester. Whatever the case, we offer a wide array of services from tree surgery in Manchester to surveys and more. But if you are considering selling your property it is important to ask yourself if you can … Continued

What Does Japanese Knotweed Dormancy Look Like?

Japanese knotweed is a unique plant. At Bark and Branch, we offer tree clearance in Manchester as well as Japanese knotweed treatment in Manchester. However, today we’d like to talk a bit about the latter. Japanese knotweed can enter dormancy rather easily. While the reasons it does this are not well known, some believe that … Continued

Why You Need to Hire a Tree Surgeon for Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese knotweed is one of the most prolific and difficult weeds to remove from your landscaping. At Bark and Branch, we offer high-quality Japanese knotweed removal in Manchester in addition to our tree pruning in Manchester services. But why is it that you need a professional to handle this process for you? Can’t you handle … Continued