Tree Removal Cost [2020]

Bark and Branch Tree Surgeon Cost – Tree Felling Cost, Tree Removal Cost [2020] Have a tree or a few trees that you plan to have removed from your property? Bark & Branch can take care of that for you. We will not only cut those trees down, we will remove them and leave your … Continued

Bees – Why Are They Important?

You know what bees look like and you have probably been buzzed a time or two by one. But do you know how important they are when you see them in your yard or garden? Here is a look at the answer behind that question and other important facts about bees. They Are The World’s … Continued

Facts About Ash Dieback

Facts About Ash Dieback Ash dieback is a serious threat to ash trees of all ages and it will kill up to 95% of the ash trees it infects across the UK. In addition to costing the local society upwards of L15-billion, the effects of the disease will also impact the landscape forever. Ash Dieback … Continued