Facts About Ash Dieback

Facts About Ash Dieback Ash dieback is a serious threat to ash trees of all ages and it will kill up to 95% of the ash trees it infects across the UK. In addition to costing the local society upwards of L15-billion, the effects of the disease will also impact the landscape forever. Ash Dieback … Continued

Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Removal Service

You may be pretty handy with tools. You may also be pretty good at doing things on your own in and around your home and yard. Hopefully, you are also one of those types of homeowners who know when the job requires the assistance of a professional. There are many home and yard maintenance projects … Continued

Top Reasons To Have A Tree Stump Removed

Although a tree stump may not appear to be much of a hazard, leaving one in your yard can eventually become one. There is no practical reason to keep a tree stump once a tree has been removed. At Bark and Branch, we have removed more than our fair share of tree stumps. As a … Continued