A Beginner’s Guide to Vegetation Clearance & Maintenance

We love our plants. What we don’t love are invasive species that destroy all our lovely flowers and bushes. So how can you reign in unruly plants and what are some things you need to know before you begin vegetation clearance in Manchester?

Let’s take a look at how Japanese Knotweed in Manchester can be a pain to deal with and how tree surgery in Manchester and beyond can be an excellent solution.


Vegetation Clearance and Maintenance


Common Invasive Plants You Need to Clear

Every area of the world has its own list of invasive species. In the UK area, our vegetation clearance in Manchester focuses on the following plants:

Even if you’re interested in tree surgery in Manchester, we also recommend paying attention to any overgrowth of these four types of plants. They can cause your property to lose its value and luster, not to mention it is illegal to allow them to grow on your property unchecked. We have a more comprehensive breakdown of each of these plants on our main services page, so please look there for more information.


How the Process Works

Now that you know what type of plants to look out for, the next step is to familiarise yourself with how the process itself works.

The first structure involves foresters who work with contractors to completely remove trees from your property. These contractors can include tree and vegetation trimming experts. Our team includes both, which prevents you from looking elsewhere for assistance.

Once the team is assembled, a supervisor will have a master plan that guides the clearance process. This is typically based on the trim cycle that is best for your trees.

Once these professionals have finished their part of the job, an audit is conducted to make sure that the work is done efficiently and according to the master plan. This happens before payment is made.


What To Expect

Whether you’re having site vegetation clearance conducted for your home or business, your expectations should be the same. Your property should be completely free of invasive vegetation. The experts maintaining your property should be held accountable for their work.

As experts with decades of experience in vegetation clearance in Manchester, we know exactly how to achieve the results you’re looking for. We stay dedicated to the job we do and work tirelessly to fight off any invasive species. The result is a well-landscaped yard.

Whether you need to eliminate Japanese Knotweed or require extensive tree surgery in Manchester, we’re happy to help.