Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Knotweed Removal Manchester

Japanese Knotweed is one of the most pervasive weeds that we have in the UK, and even the Government have had to admit defeat when it comes to it! At Bark & Branch we are specialists in Japanese Knotweed Removal in Manchester, so we’ve pulled together this handy guide for you so that you can understand a little more about it.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Manchester

What is it?

It is a weed called Japanese Knotweed, and it should not be confused with Giant Hogweed (which is also a pest). It is a very invasive plant which can get through tarmac and can seriously damage buildings if it is left to grow unchecked.


Where does it come from?

Well, the clue is in the name! Yes, it originated in Japan. In around 1840 a Dutch Doctor called Phillipe von Siebold stumbled across it in Japan and thought it looked quite ornamental, so he started selling it to high society figures and botanical garden centres in the UK. Big mistake!


What happened next?

Just under 30 years later, Japanese Knotweed started to be sold to the general public in the UK, where it became quite popular. Many farmers even used it to feed their livestock. A couple of years later though, things started to change. Many gardeners found it hard to control and contain, and it started to spread rapidly causing so much trouble that in 1930 it started to have an impact on house prices.


It became offensive

Basically, it then became so troublesome that in 1981, the Wildlife and Country Act made it an offence to introduce Japanese Knotweed into wild spaces, and in 2011 a cloud of aphids was set free in Swansea in a bid to try and control the spread of it (although this didn’t work.)


Why is it so bad?

The problem with Japanese Knotweed is its root system. Its roots can spread up to 3m in depth and 7m in all other directions, meaning that it can have catastrophic consequences for drains and building foundations and is just a downright nuisance for buildings in general.


What can be done about it?

Not a lot actually. For a true site clearance in Manchester, you would have to ensure that all of the plant and its root is removed from the ground, which can be a really hard job. If even just a little wisp of the root is left, the plant can rapidly regrow – some scientists say that it can grow as fast as more than a yard a week.

Japanese Knotweed Removal is not a job that can be tackled by most householders unfortunately, it is a task that is best left to the professionals. If you would like more information about our removal service, or our tree pruning in Manchester service you can contact us by phone on 0800 050 2131 or by mobile on 07958 495031. Alternatively, you can send us an email to info@barkandbranch.co.uk