Is Tree Clearance Manchester Dangerous?

As specialists in tree clearance Manchester, we often get asked why this is a job that people should not undertake themselves. We understand that people often see the cost and think they can save themselves money by doing it themselves, but really it isn’t worth it. Not only will it probably cost you more in the long run as you will have to employ someone to rectify your mistakes, but you will also be putting your property at risk, as well as your own health and safety. In this article, we will look at three of the main reasons why tree surgery is considered a dangerous job.

Tree Clearance Manchester

Equipment Issues

As with most other manual jobs, the job of a tree surgeon is covered by guidelines laid down by the Occupational Health and Safety Industry (OHSA) and one of these guidelines is that anyone undertaking any work on a tree or is trying to undertake Japanese eradication manchester, should have protective gear on which covers them from head to toe. Protective gear is something that most people won’t have access to, and this could result in injury if they undertake the job themselves. The OHSA also have strict guidelines regarding the usual equipment needed to do the job correctly, such as chainsaws, ropes, and wood chippers. Again, these are all dangerous objects in the wrong hands and should only be operated by trained personnel.



What goes up must come down, and a lot of people neglect to think about the impact that gravity will have on the tree they are aiming to cut down. This can mean that branches and large bits of tree may land where you don’t want them to, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it (unless you want to injure yourself badly!) Poor judgement or lack of knowledge about the forces of gravity can lead to houses being damaged, cars being damaged and even people being injured or killed. The best way to avoid this is to let the professionals take care of the job.


Power Lines

Many homes and businesses these days are located near power lines, and trying to work with a tree that is located near a power line is a very tricky business. You should always assume that the line is live, and any interaction with yourself or the tree can end badly. If you touch the wire you will end up being electrocuted, which is quite horrendous, and if any bits of the tree damage the wire you could end up knocking out power for the whole neighbourhood – which can leave you with a lot of angry people! Again, easy mistakes to make but ones that can be avoided.

As you can see homeowners should never try to remove their own trees as it is just too dangerous, and there are many nasty outcomes that can occur. Instead, just call the team at Bark & Branch and we will undertake the job for you safely, quickly and at a great price. We can also help you with Japanese knotweed treatment Manchester as well. You can contact us on 0800 050 2131 or 07958 495031, or alternatively, send us an email to