Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Removal Service

You may be pretty handy with tools. You may also be pretty good at doing things on your own in and around your home and yard. Hopefully, you are also one of those types of homeowners who know when the job requires the assistance of a professional. There are many home and yard maintenance projects … Continued

Top Reasons To Have A Tree Stump Removed

Although a tree stump may not appear to be much of a hazard, leaving one in your yard can eventually become one. There is no practical reason to keep a tree stump once a tree has been removed. At Bark and Branch, we have removed more than our fair share of tree stumps. As a … Continued

Top Reasons To Remove A Dead Tree

We’ve already taken a look at the main reasons you may choose to remove a tree from your property. However, dead trees pose a whole different set of circumstances. It doesn’t matter what caused the tree to die – lack of water, insufficient supply of nutrients in the soil or not enough sun – what … Continued