Top Reasons To Have A Tree Stump Removed

Although a tree stump may not appear to be much of a hazard, leaving one in your yard can eventually become one. There is no practical reason to keep a tree stump once a tree has been removed. At Bark and Branch, we have removed more than our fair share of tree stumps. As a … Continued

Top Reasons To Remove A Dead Tree

We’ve already taken a look at the main reasons you may choose to remove a tree from your property. However, dead trees pose a whole different set of circumstances. It doesn’t matter what caused the tree to die – lack of water, insufficient supply of nutrients in the soil or not enough sun – what … Continued

How to Find the Best Tree Surgeon Manchester?

When you are looking for a tree surgeon manchester it can be quite a difficult job – especially if it is the first time you are looking for one. Depending on the job you wish them to undertake, there are many different aspects to consider when felling a tree and this is something that only someone … Continued