Japanese Knotweed Control: A Guide

One of the most hated weeds in the UK is Japanese Knotweed as it can be a real problem. This is why Bark and Branch offer a Japanese knotweed control service – in order to help house-holders prevent it from causing damage to their gardens, paths and even their home! What is Japanese Knotweed? Japanese … Continued

Tree Stump Removal: Why is it so Important?

Tree stump removal sounds pretty scary, but actually, it is anything but – as long as you have a professional company helping you out. Many homeowners can run into problems when they move house and are left with a stump in the garden that they have to deal with as it can lead to many safety … Continued

A Tree Surgeons Guide to Dangerous Trees

As tree surgeons, we are often called in to deal with ‘dangerous’ trees – but what does a dangerous tree mean? Read on to find out more about when a tree is considered dangerous and how you can keep your trees safe. In many cases when we are called in to do tree removal, the tree is … Continued