Three Things You Need to Know About Your Tree Surgeon Manchester

Tree Surgeon Manchester

Most of you are probably more interested in 4 things you need to know about your garden, rather than 3 things you need to know about your tree surgeon Manchester, but the most important way to get your garden looking nice is to use a professional to do the tricky stuff. So, when you are looking for a tree surgeon, how do you know what to look for?

We’ve pulled together this list of three things that you need to know about your tree surgeon before you go ahead and book them, so it should help you to make sure you get the real deal and not some fly-by-night who will rip you off.


The first place to start working out who is a professional and who isn’t is to take a closer look at the advertising they are using. If you are looking at a flyer that has come through your door and it doesn’t have an address or many contact details on it, then it is likely that this person is not a professional and they don’t want you to be able to contact them again after the job has been completed. A good way to see if a tree surgeon is genuine is to check out their website, if they are proud of what they do and are open and honest with their contact details then they are likely to be professionals.

Ask what Qualifications they have

As we have mentioned in other blogs, professional tree surgeons Manchester should have formal training and considerable experience, as well as NPTC accreditation. It would also be useful if they have a statement that proves that their work is carried out to Health and Safety Executive Guidelines within Environmental Restrictions.

Check their Insurance Details

As with any other professional trade person, tree surgeons training is based around competance based skills such as working at heights, and working with powerful specialist equipment. Most tree surgery insurers will also insist on evidence of this before they insure them. So, it stands to reason if your potential tree surgeon has professional and public liability insurance, and can show you evidence of that, then they should be OK to work with. Having work done by someone who is untrained and uninsured is not only dangerous but a little bit daft too.

By now you should know that Bark and Branch not only have a website, but we are fully qualified and insured as well. If you’d like to get in touch for a quote you can call us on 0800 050 2131 or 07958 495031 or by email at