Top Reasons To Have A Tree Stump Removed

Although a tree stump may not appear to be much of a hazard, leaving one in your yard can eventually become one. There is no practical reason to keep a tree stump once a tree has been removed. At Bark and Branch, we have removed more than our fair share of tree stumps. As a result, we have come up with a short list of reasons why you should eliminate that stump sooner than later.

Stumps Don’t Add To The Look Of Your Yard

It’s true. A tree stump sitting in your yard is far from attractive. In some cases, one will make your yard look unkempt and become an eyesore. However, if you have no intentions of removing it, you could give it a treatment so that it fits into the look of your property. Examples include turning that stump into something useful like a bench or planter. Or you could just call us at Bark and Branch to remove it for you.

Stumps Can Become A Hazard For Children

If your household has one or more child in it, think about what could happen when they – and some friends – are playing in your yard. Sure, you could rope off an area to keep them from tripping or running into the stump, but that adds to the unkempt look of your yard. By having that stump removed, your entire yard is now a playground.

Stumps Increase Yard Maintenance Work

We know what you are thinking. How exactly can a stump increase the amount of work it takes to keep your yard looking tidy? Well, for starters, you have to mow around it. Roots from that old stump may even damage your mower. Then there’s the extra work involved with weeding around the stump.

Stumps Become A New Home For Insects

Considering the time it takes for a tree or stump to decay, it creates the perfect environment for all kinds of insects and pests. This makes an old tree stump sitting in your yard a magnet that will eventually see several of those insects taking over your yard. Then some will move into your home. Get rid of that stump now!

Stumps Eat Up Valuable Real Estate

It doesn’t really matter where that stump is in your yard. That’s because there is no real good place for one. At one point in your life you may wish to add a driveway, a garden, a pool or an addition to your home. Chances are, that stump is sitting exactly where that project is intended to take place.

At Bark And Branch, We Take Tree Stumps Seriously

When you have a stump in your yard, don’t delay, contact us today. Call Bark and Branch at 0800 050 2131 to take care of the situation. We are based in Manchester but we service the surrounding area as well. We also have stump removal options that include grinding and physical removal. Call us for further information on how we can get that tree stump out of your way!