Tree Stump Removal: Why is it so Important?

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal sounds pretty scary, but actually, it is anything but – as long as you have a professional company helping you out. Many homeowners can run into problems when they move house and are left with a stump in the garden that they have to deal with as it can lead to many safety hazards and therefore needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at why removing a tree stump is a sensible option:

They can become a home to pests

Trees are wonderful things to have in a garden as they not only look beautiful, but they can also provide homes to many forms of wildlife such as butterflies, bees and ladybirds. However, once the tree has been cut down and left as a stump, the wildlife that appears may not be so lovely – think ants and termites. These may not seem like pests at first, but once they have grown tired of the tree stump, they will then look for fresh material – which may mean they enter your home and then they will really become a problem.  Stumps can also become home to toxic fungi which can be a danger to children or pets as well, and you will need to call in vegetation control experts to deal with this.

They can cause damage to property

Even though the tree has been cut down if you leave the stump in place the roots of the tree can continue to grow and will seek out water wherever they can. This can mean that they grow through pipes which can cause flooding and serious damage to the home. They can also destroy patios and pavements by causing them to buckle – which can also be a danger to people as well. A lot of the time, problems caused by tree stumps are not often easy to spot until it is too late – this is why you should remove a tree stump as soon as possible.

They take up a lot of space

If you have a tree stump sitting on your property already, then you will know that they take up a lot of space which cannot be used for any other purpose – it is dead space effectively. Removing a tree stump can open up space to place a patio set, space for the children to play, or even space to plant another tree.

Removing a tree stump is not easy, but you should always hire a reputable company to complete the job. At Bark and Branch, we have years of experience dealing with all sort of tree-related issues, including tree crown trimming. Call us today to make an appointment.