Tree Surgeon Manchester vs Landscaper Manchester: What’s the Difference

Tree Surgeon Manchester vs Landscaper Manchester

Throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas, many people find that their letterboxes are flooded with leaflets from people offering them garden and tree care. The range of services that are offered can be mind-boggling and usually include lawn care services, tree removal, landscape gardening, and paving services. But how do people know whether they need a tree surgeon Manchester or a landscape gardener? Are there differences between the services they offer? And if so, what are they?

Well working in and around trees demands a very highly trained skilled which is not something that you can pick up as you go along, or develop over a few summers of trial and error. There is a National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) who are actually a governing body for the tree industry. They specify that a good tree surgeon should have the following certificates as a minimum:

  • CS30 – Maintenance of a chainsaw, on-site preparation of the chainsaw and basic crosscutting
  • CS31 – Processing and felling small trees
  • CS38 – Climbing a tree and performing an Ariel rescue
  • CS39 – Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • First Aid at Work

It can take years of training to become someone who can undertake tree pruning in Manchester, and a university degree may come in useful as well.

Most basic gardening tasks can be undertaken by someone who is unqualified and there shouldn’t be any problems, but more complex tree-related work should always be done by some who is skilled in the craft.  It is sometimes wise to remember the old phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and also to remember that some trees can be worth hundreds if not thousands of pounds. If you have large, mature trees and you keep them well maintained then they can add significant value to your home, so you should not entrust their care to just anyone.

At Bark and Branch Treecare we offer long-term and cost-effective solutions for the care of your trees, and we can provide you with an on-site quote for all of our services including site clearance.

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