Tree Surgeon vs Arborists—What’s the Difference?

Have you thought about hiring a tree surgeon in Manchester but been advised to hire an arborist instead? While good arborists can be difficult to locate, we offer a team of excellent tree surgeons in Manchester who are ready to help.

But what’s the difference? Do tree surgeons offer tree removal in Manchester? What do you need to know before you hire either professional?

 Tree Surgeon vs Arborists

What is A Tree Surgeon?

In the simplest terms, a tree surgeon is a professional who prunes and treats old trees to preserve them. In more advanced terms, tree surgeons in Manchester provide full-service tree care from removing stumps to carefully preparing trees for the season to come.

At the core of what they are, however, is arborists. They provide tree maintenance and care to guarantee your yard continues to look beautiful no matter what time of year it may be.

Similar to an actual surgeon, tree surgeons must be skilled and highly proficient at what they do. They must have a steady hand and know precisely where to cut to keep the tree healthy. It is a skillful position that takes years to fine-tune.


What is An Arborist?

An Arborist tends to offer more aesthetic services. Instead of focusing on the basics of tree removal in Manchester, an arborist uses tactics to maintain a specific look for their client and tends to work more on landscaping.

Additionally, an arborist also works alongside loggers and forester to handle the individual safety and health of individual trees and plants rather than the whole of the forest or landscape.


Which Do You Need?

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you may need to use a tree surgeon in Manchester if you have landscaping that needs care.

In general, you’ll want to hire a tree surgeon if you’re interested in high-quality individual tree care. At Bark and Branch, we provide our clients a team of intensely accurate tree surgeons in Manchester for all your tree care needs. Please contact us if you require maintenance and tree surgery for your business or home landscape.