Why Would I Need Tree Stump Removal Services?

Tree Stump Removal

If you are looking into hiring a professional tree surgeon, such as Bark and Branch, to do some tree work in your garden, then it is important to remember to think about whether you need tree stump removal or not. This is usually a separate service to general tree surgery, and so if you are wondering whether you need it or not, consider these things:

  • How the stump looks. Usually, tree stumps are not the prettiest of things to look at. If you have spent a long time on making your garden look good and feel like the stump is an eyesore, then why not let us get rid of it for you?
  • Is the tree stump dangerous? If you have children then this is a great reason to get rid of a tree stump! If they are running about in the garden then the stump can cause a hazard which may mean that they trip and fall ā€“ it could cause them a nasty injury. It could also get in the way when you are trying to mow the lawn and could cause serious damage to your mower and you.
  • Do you want a tree in that position in your garden? Sometimes when you leave a tree stump in the ground after the removal of a tree, you find that new sprouts start to grow which can cause more than one tree to start growing in the same spot. This can look a bit odd and the vegetation control can get difficult as you may need to invest in some chemicals to get rid of the stumps completely. The small sprouts may also draw essential nutrients away from other plants which are located nearby, and that you are perhaps keener on keeping in your garden.
  • Is it an obstacle? A tree stump can be a bit of a pain if you are trying to mow the lawn, or if you are hosting a BBQ and people are having to maneuver around it!
  • It attracts insects. Tree stumps are well known for attracting insects as they begin to rot away, and these insects can include ants, beetles, and termites ā€“ none of which you really want around!
  • Does it take up space? If you only have a small garden, then the last thing you want in there is a useless tree stump which takes up the space that you could use for a picnic table or hammock instead.


These are all great reasons for you to consider tree stump removal. If you would like to find out more about any of our services, including tree crown surgery, then please contact us today on 0800 050 2131 or by mobile on 07958 495031. If we don’t answer please leave us a voicemail, as we are probably up a tree somewhere! Alternatively, you can email us at info@barkandbranch.co.uk