Why You Need a Professional to Remove Tree Stumps

Stumps are unsightly, can diminish your property’s value, and are in general a sore spot for homeowners.

Some folks are confident they can handle their own tree stump removal, but there are a few reasons why you should re-think that decision. Aside from vegetation control, tree surgeons like our team at Bark and Branch can provide complete tree stump removal. Here’s a bit of information that might just change your mind about a DIY stump removal.

Tree Stumps

They Can Come Back

If you don’t properly remove the roots and trunk of your stump, you could end up with new growth in as little time as a year. Proper extraction and tree stump removal require a deep penetration of the ground around the tree trunk. This isn’t an hour-long landscaping project. It takes a good deal of time to remove it. A professional can completely remove the stump, with no risk if it coming back.


It Requires Pro Equipment

Besides a chainsaw to cut the tree down in the first place, a complete tree and stump removal requires heavy duty equipment to accurately and thoroughly remove the stump itself. Stump grinders are needed, which can be quite costly if you’re trying to hire one per the hour. A professional has that equipment readily available.


Proper Cleanup Takes Time

Whether you’re trying to cut the tree crown of your unsightly backyard vegetation or want a total stump removal, we can help. However, cleanup is typically a very time-consuming process. The root system has to be completely removed, and then the remains must be destroyed. This takes time if you’re trying to do it yourself. Professional services reduce your time investment in the process.


It Can Be Dangerous

If you have no experience in landscaping or land site clearing, then you probably don’t want to tackle this job yourself. The machinery involved in tree stump removal can be dangerous to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why put yourself at risk? Hire a professional to keep up with your vegetation control instead, and stay safe.

Removing ugly stumps from your yard is a good idea if you want to improve the value of your property. Consider hiring a professional if you want the best results possible.