Tree Stump Removal/Grinding

Using the latest stump grinding equipment we can remove tree stumps quickly and effectively with minimal disruption. We can remove stumps of any size in all locations.


Why have stumps removed?

After a tree has been removed the remaining stump can be simply in the way or unsightly, it may need to be removed to erect a new fence, wall or to plant a new tree in place of that one that has been removed. Rotting stumps can also host a number of fungi & removing the stump can help to stop the spread to nearby trees. If your tree has been removed due to infection or fungus stump removal is recommended.

Why have stumps ground out?

There are a number of reasons for this

1. Commercially there is no method to recycle tree stumps like there is for logs & wood chip which can be processed for use in power stations. Tree stumps can’t be processed in the same way as they often contain foreign objects stone, brick & concrete for example.

2. There is not normally the need to remove any of the mulch created from the site this can be used to back fill the hole or used around the garden.

3. Grinding out a tree stump is economical with minimal disruption the surrounding area.

4. Our stump grinders can work in small areas & fit through narrow gates etc.